Sunday, February 26, 2017
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MultiCulture Day - Album 2 of 4 (Nov. 2013)

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华 夏 中 文 学 校 南 部 分 校 欢 迎 您

Upcoming Events
  • 03/04/2017 School is in Session 正常学校日
    家长会 (第三节)
  • 03/11/2017 School is in 1 hour delayed opening 学校开门延迟一小时@2:30pm
    Due to the SAT test at MHS facility, our school is asked to open on 1 hour delay schedule, i.e. from 2:30pm to 5:20pm. Please prepare accordingly.

    Latest News & Announcements
  • 02/16/2017 总校中文演讲比赛结果HQ Chinese Speech&Recitation tournament result
    The Chinese Speech & recitation tournament was held at our school last Saturday. Let's cheer for our students-Ethan Yip,Justin Deng and Wutin Lei for first grade; Serena Lee,Lilian Chen and Andy Zhao for second grade; Peter Zhang, Kayla J. Lin and Audrey Wang for third grade, for their excellent speech! Way to go!
  • 02/09/2017 总校中文辨论比赛 HQ annually Chinese debate competition
    4月份总校将有中文辨论比赛。 报名从本周起,4-6年级一个队(6人+替补),7-9年级一个队(6人+替补)。请大家向自己的老师报名。
    辨论主题:正 - 学生压力大利于成才;反 - 学生压力大不利于成才
    Huaxia Headquarter annually Chinese debate competition will be held on April. There will be one team for Grade 4-6, and one team for Grade 7-9. Please let your teacher know if you are interested. Debate topic: Whether pressure is good for success?
  • 02/05/2017 四-九年级的壁报比赛结果
    在汪杰副教务长和老师的带领下,感谢陈杰老师和孙玉珠老师的大力支持、感谢几位家长的鼎立相帮。我校四——九年级的壁报比赛进行的非常顺利。比赛结果如下 (Thanks our Vice Dean and teacher Wang Jie, thanks teacher Chen Jie and Sun Yuzhu, and thanks for the help from some parents. The Chinese Idioms Drawing Contest is a great success. The result are as below):
    第一名 (1st Place): 刘博闻 刘嘉懿 李天宁
    第二名 (2nd Place):(1)汪俊闻 陈睿宁 肖璟瑶 (2)林子析 刘致远 赵智博
    第三名 (3rd Place): 赵煦之 谢来瑞 Pan Jia Chen 张欣然
  • 02/03/2017 Lunar New Year Day Off in Marlboro School District
    2017年1月17日,MARLBORO SCHOOL DISTRICT BOE全票通过农历新年为MARLBORO市法定学期假期。这对过农历年的亚裔社区是个重大的好消息。要感谢常务副市长TERRY LAU,前副市长沈惠民,BOE的两位华人学委刘娟和徐玮对此做的大量工作和协调促成。同时也要感谢CAMEL,和社区其他中文学校和众多的支持者。在MONMOUTH COUNTY,目前已经有MARLBORO和HOLMDEL两个镇农历新年放假!
    On January 17, 2017, Marlboro school district passed the Lunar new year day off in Marlboro township. It's a great news for the Asian community that celebrate Lunar year. We thank you our two Chinese BOE members, Joanne Liu-Rudel and Ellen Xu work so hard with the BOE members and the administrator to make this possible! Thanks Deputy Mayor Terry Lau and former Deputy Mayor Huimin Shen for your great effort and support as always! We also thank you other Chinese schools in Marlboro, CAMEL and all community supporters! Now we have two school district in Monmouth County, Marlboro and Holmdel, have the Lunar New year day off!
  • 01/30/2017 Photo Albums for 20th Anniversary and Chinese New Year Celebration
    The following Photo Albums are provided and shared by our school photographers, as a courtesy to our school members. You are welcomed to view them via the following link. Thanks to XiaoFeng and Jeff!
    Huaxia South 20th anniversary performance and Chinese New Year dinner celebration by XiaoFeng (01/21/2017)
    Huaxia South 20th anniversary performance and Chinese New Year dinner celebration by Jeff (01/21/2017)
  • 01/27/2017 Thanks to our 20th anniversary and Chinese New Year dinner sponsors
    2017年1月21日,华夏南部成功举办了二十周年和农历新年庆典。HuaXia South Chinese School had a very successful 20th anniversary and Chinese New Year dinner celebration.
    在此我们感谢 Thanks for our sponsors:
    Simon Mo (AIG) 冠名赞助20周年庆典及新年演出20th anniversary show Title Sponsor
    和乐食品(Well Luck) 冠名赞助20周年及新年晚宴20th anniversary dinner Title Sponsor
    美东超市 Asian Food Market; Emma Xu-Sotheby's
    Ravissanics Beauty SPA; Koi Sushi & Hibachi;
    徐琳医生 Dr.Xu Ling-Southshore Medical Associates; Auto City
    Lengxi Gao-Remax; Xin Li-MLD Mortgage
    新好运超级市场 Fresh Food Mart; 胡知宇律师 Lawyer Zhiyu Hu
    Anna Wang-Keller Williams; 段昌敏眼科中心 Dr.Changmin Duan
    曹晋嘉牙医和洪婉卿牙医 Eric & Judy Tsao, DMD
    感谢以下 个人 对学校的捐赠:Thanks for the personal sponsor:
    新洲中国日主席New Jersey Chinese Festival Chair Lady-Margaret Lam & David Yen; Deputy Mayor of Marlboro-Terry Lau & Gloria Lau; F.N.J Inc-Julie Shen & Paul Shen; American DBAOnline Chairman David Wang & Pediatrician Dr. Aijuan Wang
    还有以下 个人:
    Joanne Liu-Rudel 刘娟 Albert W.Rudel; Ellen W. Xu 徐玮, Leon Li 李亮; Jie Wang 汪洁, Zhutao Cheng; Joan Cheng 程秋琼, Frank Liu 刘福军

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