Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Graduation 2013 - Album 4 of 4 (June 2013)

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华 夏 中 文 学 校 南 部 分 校 欢 迎 您

Upcoming Events
  • 04/28/2018 School is in Session 正常学校日

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  • 03/23/2018 2018华夏总校智力运动会 HXHQ Mind-Sports Tournament
    2018华夏智力运动会将会于5/20/2018 8点30分-4点30分,在桥水分校举办。现在开始网上报名。报名截止日期为5/13/2018。华夏南部智力运动会总负责:赵巍副校长。 比赛项目有: 围棋、象棋、国际象棋、桥牌、五子棋、国际跳棋、四国大战, 升级和数独。学校会负责报名费和午餐,欢迎大家和孩子们一起来参与。 Huaxia Head Quarter mind-sports tournament will be hold at Bridge Water Huaxia Chinese School on 5/20/2018 from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. The games include Go, chess, Chinese chess, checkers, Backgammon, Student Sudoku, bridge and Shengji (a special card game). If you (students and parents) are interested, please contact Vice Principal Wei Zhao at 更多详情,请参见竞赛规则,和报名表
  • 03/02/2018 总校中文辨论比赛 HQ annually Chinese debate competition
    总校辩论比赛将在四月底举行,今年的辩题是: 正方:人工智能让世界越来越好,应该发展; 反方:人工智能不能让世界越来越好,应该限制。 4-6年级为中年级组,将由吴仁老师负责; 7年级以上为高年级组,由廖山漫老师负责。请大家向自己的老师报名。各位老师推荐自荐的名单尽早报给廖山漫老师。
    Huaxia Annual Chinese Debate Competition will be hold on April 28 at East Brunswick. There will be one team for Grade 4-6, and another team for Grade 7-9. Please let your teacher know if you are interested. Debate topic: Whether Artificial Intelligence is good for our future
  • 02/03/2018 Photo Albums for 2018 Hua Xia Chinese New Year Performance & Celebration
    The following Photo Albums are provided and shared by our school photographers, as a courtesy to our school members. You are welcomed to view them via the following link. Thanks Jeff and XiaoFeng!
    2018 Hua Xia Chinese New Year Performance by Jeff (02/03/2018)
    华夏南部中文学校2018年中国春节联欢会 by XiaoFeng (02/03/2018)
  • 01/30/2018 2月3日华夏南部春晚安排
    1:30 正常上课
    2:00 开始老师们带领孩子们进场
    2:10 家长进场
    2:15-5:00 文艺演出
    5:00-7:00 游戏
    5:30–6:15 晚餐
    6:15–7:00 魔术表演
    7:00–8:00 礼物交换,拍照留念

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