Sunday, December 9, 2018
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Graduation 2013 - Album 3 of 4 (June 2013)

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请阅读并遵守"家長值班守则"!     阅读家長值班守则,请点击这里

The assignment is subject to change. The assigned 'backups' are tentative and could be moved onto future dates.
Please check again for the latest update.
Duty DateFatherMotherDuty StatusNote
12/15/2018陈时文 Shiwen Chen冯莉 Li FengAssigned  
12/15/2018 Nicholas Chiu Diana Lee-ChiuAssigned  
12/15/2018王连祥 Lian xiang Wang林如 Ru LinAssigned  
12/15/2018 Eugene DeSello Eileen DeSelloAssigned  
12/15/2018 Qian HuangAssigned  
12/15/2018陈亮 Liang Chen江兰燕 Lan yan JiangAssigned  
12/15/2018李永强 yong qiang li邹锦香 jin xiang zouAssigned  
01/05/2019 DUSTIN LI YUPING SHENAssigned  
01/05/2019 Lou Melone Peggy MeloneAssigned  
01/05/2019万钧 Jun Wan邓为玲 Weiling DengAssigned  
01/05/2019曹洪涛 Hong tao Cao陈爽 Shuang ChenAssigned  
01/05/2019 Doen Zheng Xiao Chen JiangAssigned  
01/05/2019郑云飞 Yun Fei Zheng陈芎 Xiong ChenAssigned  
01/05/2019 Jason Zou Amanda LiAssigned  
01/12/2019 Holly ChenAssigned  
01/12/2019 David Zhi-Yang Lao Jia Zhen ChengAssigned  
01/12/2019 Robin Yip Fei RenAssigned  
01/12/2019征云 Yun Zheng邱煜 Yu QiuAssigned  
01/12/2019 Jeremy Parsons李莎 Evangeline ParsonsAssigned  
01/12/2019 Andy Shen Hong JiangAssigned  
01/12/2019胡滨 BIN HU王晖 HUI WANGAssigned  
01/19/2019 hui lu wen jin jiangAssigned  
01/19/2019鄭紹健 Siukiu Cheng鄭雅文 OiKei ChengAssigned  
01/19/2019 Yufei Wang Leah ZhangAssigned  
01/19/2019陈亮 Liang Chen姜琴 Qin JiangAssigned  
01/19/2019谢恺 kai xie谭培育 Peiyu tanAssigned  
01/19/2019 Quang Truong My QuanAssigned  
01/19/2019林李安 Lian Lin徐潇 Xiao XuAssigned  
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