Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Summer Picnic -  Album 3 of 3 (June 2013)

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请阅读并遵守"家長值班守则"!     阅读家長值班守则,请点击这里

The assignment is subject to change. The assigned 'backups' are tentative and could be moved onto future dates.
Please check again for the latest update.
Duty DateFatherMotherDuty StatusNote
04/28/2018莫炳辉 Simon Mo黄舒泳 Connie MoAssigned  
04/28/2018谢维之 Weizhi Xie李荣凤 Rongfeng LiAssigned  
04/28/2018刘铸 Zhu Liu金春 Chun JinAssigned  
04/28/2018谢崇进 ChongJin Xie潘文莉 WenLi PanAssigned  
04/28/2018陳爾平 Alexander Chin柴萱 Xuan ChaiAssigned  
04/28/2018 JOHN HARLEY曹英华 YINGHUA CAOAssigned  
04/28/2018徐华峰 Peter Xu蔡本蓉 April CaiAssigned  
04/28/2018卢风龙 Fenglong Lu游凤娇 Fengjiao YouAssigned  
04/28/2018 Wayne Lawrence Chaojian LawrenceAssigned  
04/28/2018李業麟 Alan Lee張秋華 Carrie Zhang-LeeAssigned  
05/05/2018陈健伟 Jimmy Chen黎庆芬 Grace ChenAssigned  
05/05/2018李亮 Leon Li徐玮 Ellen XuAssigned  
05/05/2018 徐荣 Emma XuAssigned  
05/05/2018 David Zhi-Yang Lao Jia Zhen ChengAssigned  
05/05/2018 David Liu Cathy ChenAssigned  
05/05/2018夏冠军 Guanjun Xia龚平 Ping GongAssigned  
05/05/2018 Feng Zhang Assigned  
05/05/2018 Eric Chiu Louisa ChowAssigned  
05/05/2018 Jason Chen陈晓英 Gina ChenAssigned  
05/05/2018孟华 HUA Meng杨波 BO yangAssigned  
05/12/2018 Frank Effenberger王海圣 Haisheng WangAssigned  
05/12/2018蔡健 Jian Cai谢丽华 LiHua XieAssigned  
05/12/2018陈宁 ning chen董红雨 kitty dongAssigned  
05/12/2018 SHENG JIAN HE CHUN LINAssigned  
05/12/2018 Holly ChenAssigned  
05/12/2018林汀生 Tingsheng(Henry) Lin陈哲 Annie Z. ChenAssigned  
05/12/2018刘亚峰 Forrest Liu杨辉 Hui YangAssigned  
05/12/2018 David Kwong Lifeng KwongAssigned  
05/12/2018环晓俊 George Huan李新君 XinJun LiAssigned  
05/12/2018林清恒 Lin Assigned  
05/19/2018成勤和 Qinhe Cheng陈迎迎 Yingying ChenAssigned  
05/19/2018周申 Shen Zhou陈瑛 Ying ChenAssigned  
05/19/2018杨 ChengJen Yang陈莹 Linda W. ChanAssigned  
05/19/2018孙健 Jian Sun徐琼 Qiong XuAssigned  
05/19/2018 San Hung Kwok Jin LiAssigned  
05/19/2018陈彤 Tong Chen张昱 Yu ZhangAssigned  
05/19/2018周键 Kin Chau叶晶 Jing YeAssigned  
05/19/2018 none kitty cheungAssigned  
05/19/2018 瞿明华 Ming Wa KuiAssigned  
05/26/2018郑岳鹏 Yuepeng Zheng刘坤 Kun LiuAssigned  
05/26/2018刘叶剑 John Liu申红 Nancy ShenAssigned  
05/26/2018邓育明 Yuming Deng粱玲 Ling LiangAssigned  
05/26/2018黄朝辉 Zhaohui Huang王莉萍 Liping WangAssigned  
05/26/2018 Johnson Tan Karen TanAssigned  
05/26/2018 Ming GuAssigned  
05/26/2018蒋兆恺 Kai Jiang叶蕾 Lei YeAssigned  
05/26/2018陈时文 Shiwen Chen冯莉 Li FengAssigned  
05/26/2018刘用斌 Yung ping Lau倪秀玲 Yi mei NiAssigned  
05/26/2018 Leo Tso Shirley JiangAssigned  
06/02/2018李崇 Chong Li Kema LiAssigned  
06/02/2018 Larry Chen Shuzhen WangAssigned  
06/02/2018陈辉 Fai Chan陈爱红 Oihung ChanAssigned  
06/02/2018鄭紹健 Siukiu Cheng鄭雅文 OiKei ChengAssigned  
06/02/2018 xiao Liu Pingfei ChenAssigned  
06/02/2018 Nicholas Chiu Diana Lee-ChiuAssigned  
06/02/2018陈亮 Liang Chen姜琴 Qin JiangAssigned  
06/02/2018 yong en Lin chun ChenAssigned  
06/02/2018陳罗密 Jacky Chan晓霞 Vicky ZhangAssigned  
06/02/2018曹洪涛 Hong tao Cao陈爽 Shuang ChenAssigned  
06/09/2018周松涛 Songtao Zhou周惠芳 HuiQin ZhouAssigned  
06/09/2018康勇 Yong Kang薛敏 Min XueAssigned  
06/09/2018 Brent Lin Shirley LinAssigned  
06/09/2018林旦人 Danren Lin曾文玲 Wen L ZengAssigned  
06/09/2018 Bin He Min TanAssigned  
06/09/2018 Peter Ang Suet Nie wongAssigned  
06/09/2018 Edward Lutz Chin LutzAssigned  
06/09/2018赵巍 Wei Zhao许哲行 Susan XuAssigned  
06/09/2018 FENG CAI ZHANG SAI HUA CHENAssigned  
06/09/2018 Junling Wang Xuan DiaoAssigned  
06/16/2018 Guohui Feng Xiaohong WangAssigned  
06/16/2018董小民 Xiaomin Dong扈冬青 Dongqing HuAssigned  
06/16/2018哈文玮 WenWei Ha唐岳 Yue TangAssigned  
06/16/2018吴焱 Yan Wu杨文晔 Wenye YangAssigned  
06/16/2018张宏宾 Hongbin Zhang刘莹莹 Yingying LiuAssigned  
06/16/2018 yong huang fang linAssigned  
06/16/2018 Zhaomin yang Hongling wangAssigned  
06/16/2018袁旭东 Xudong Yuan於翠 Cui YuAssigned  
06/16/2018 Weide Wang Shiyan ZhuAssigned  
06/16/2018 Yufei Wang Leah ZhangAssigned  
06/16/2018汪远 Yuan Wang侯珺 Jun HouReassigned 
06/16/2018邓建军 jianjun deng朱文娟 wenjuan zhuAssigned  
06/16/2018 Peter Lin Yi PingAssigned  
06/16/2018 DUSTIN LI YUPING SHENAssigned  
06/16/2018 Wing Chow Su ZengAssigned  
06/16/2018李新伟 Xinwei Li吴娟清 juanqing WuAssigned  
06/16/2018宋湘 Xiang Song奚波 Bo XiAssigned  
06/16/2018郭光 Guang Guo王晓峰 Xiaofeng WangAssigned  
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